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Journaling about Decisions

Sometimes we have decisions to make. They can be tough ones at times and not so tough ones at other times. Whatever they are, they can be sorted out by looking at the pros and cons.

In a journal, these pros and cons can be written down and analyzed. It’s like a dissection of varying ideas. The act of writing them down and thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of each can also bring about clarity and hopefully the best decisions.

Putting your thoughts about a decision on paper and taking it from your mind changes the way you see things. In the mind, the way we make decisions can be subjective. Written down on paper, we can distance ourselves from the words and look objectively at the decisions we need to make.

In this way journaling takes us closer to ourselves while simultaneously taking us away from ourselves to give us a bird’s eye view into our own thoughts.

Remember there is nothing like words in black and white to help you see where you are and where you are going.

Sheryl Keen
Author “Journal According to John.”

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