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Journaling to get over an Obstacle

Obstacles are in our way to give us challenges and hence to make us stronger. We have to face the challenges head on in order to gain this strength and feel the sense of accomplishment that comes with conquering our challenges. There are no hurdles like our mental ones because these guide our actions and our beliefs. Mental obstacles can really set us back. A good tool to help us deal with this is journaling.

If there is a physical obstacle in our way, we move it, jump over it or break it down. Mental obstacles are different because they are lodged in our heads and we need a mental shift to deal with them. Journaling can help with this shift. Firstly, we need to write the obstacle down. What is it that is holding us back from the way we want to be? After we identify the culprit, we need to write down ways in which we can combat the problem. What are the different ways in which we can get to our ideal way of living? How do we get over the obstacle to achieve our goals?

We have come up with alternatives on paper. Now we really need to look at these alternatives, choose the ones that seem like the best fit and then start doing them. We need to reread our journals to remind ourselves of our new focus. The act of writing can help us shape our thoughts. The act of reflecting on what we write can help us to keep focus.

Looking at our thoughts as they are written down can assist in bringing clarity where there was none before. Journaling may also bring into sharp focus the origins of the mental obstacle. When we know the origins, we can identify solutions. Hence, the mental shift can start.

Remember there is nothing like words in black and white to help you see where you are and where you are going.

Sheryl A. Keen
Author “Journal According to John.”

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