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Journaling About Pleasant Memories

Journaling can be serious business but it can also be fun and rewarding. When we think of good memories we get a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Our journals provide us with a way to relive the pleasure of these memories. We can reminiscence about the good old days and write down these recollections.

Apart from manipulating these recollections for our maximum gratification, mental recollections can be beneficial for practical purposes. It may be necessary to get relevant information from our memories that can help us to explain present day events. Or the recollections may be useful in helping us to come to terms with something that happened in the past so that we can move forward in the present. Even happy memories can hold very profound truths.

Pleasant memories lay in all the corners of our minds just waiting to tumble out. If we allow them to, we can experience all sorts of happiness and the beauty of a journal is that the memories can be relived over and over again. Not only are we reliving the memories as we write them down but we can relive them by rereading what we have written.

At times when we don’t feel on top of the world, we have memories to draw on and make us feel better.

Remember there is nothing like words in black and white to help you see where you are and where you are going.

Sheryl A. Keen
Author “Journal According to John.”

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Journaling Our Vacations

We all look forward to our vacations every year. Some of us are lucky to have multiple vacations in the same year. This is the time when we let go of work, stress and other anxieties and hopefully have lots of fun. It’s also the time when we can reconnect our minds, body and spirit.

Our vacation time presents a good opportunity to write down our experiences. This is usually a happy, adventurous time and these memories are great to put on paper. We are usually in a different country and so we have different experiences from the ones we have in our day to day lives. The people around us are different; the sights, sounds and smells are different and the culture might be different. How do we feel about the differences and is there anything in our reactions to these differences that tell us anything about ourselves?

Since it’s a happy and adventurous time, writing down our experiences will give us blissful memories to look back on with fondness. We can also chronicle the reconnect of the body, mind and spirit. Like spring, vacation is a time of rejuvenation. Maybe the difference in the new culture is helpful in this. Maybe it’s a slower, more relaxed environment.

Whatever it is, journaling about the reconnect is good. When we get back to the ups and downs of our daily lives, we may need to reflect on these entries to remember a time when we could just breathe. Maybe the entries themselves will help us to just breathe if only for a minute.

Remember there is nothing like words in black and white to help you see where you are and where you are going.

Sheryl A. Keen
Author “Journal According to John.”

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