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Journaling About Dreams and Goals

We all have dreams and goals. As human beings we aspire to achieve the dreams that we have for ourselves, we aspire to self actualization. Until we do something about our dreams they remain just that – dreams – fleeting and distant. Dreams are meant to be chased. We need to take them from the conceptions in our heads to action and physical reality.

So we need to not only talk about the dream but we need to write them down. This is action on paper that can lead to a self fulfilling prophecy because the written word is a powerful spiritual tool. Our journals then become the facilitator of not only our thoughts but the ways in which we intend to achieve our dreams. When we write our dreams down they gain weight and become more real. The act of writing is a call to commitment. We have said to ourselves that we can do this, and we will do this.

On paper, in black and white, we have put our dreams out into the universe. The universe has a funny way of giving us what we ask for. Simply writing down our dreams does not mean that’s all we have to do. We have to work hard. However, writing them down means that we have taken ourselves seriously enough to give our dreams energy that will lead to more cooperation from the universe.

A dream written down is a dream that is more likely to be manifested so write them down.

Remember there is nothing like words in black and white to help you see where you are and where you are going.

Sheryl A. Keen
Author “Journal According to John.”

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Journaling About Poems, Quotes and Songs

“I bid him look into the lives of men as though into a mirror, and from others to take an example for himself.”
Publius Terentius Afer

Our journals are usually about us and the world around us. We write down our own words to describe and sometimes analyze what’s going on in our lives. But our journals do not always have to contain only our words. There are poems, quotes and songs that are special to us in some ways.

We can write down these poems, quotes and songs in our journals and analyze their value to us and why they make us feel the way they do. Perhaps they are inspirational or motivational; perhaps they speak to us about facing our fears; perhaps they spur us on to find inner strength and perhaps they speak to us about going after our dreams. Whatever the reason, they speak to our inner selves.

It’s possible that something that we are trying to say is worded and captured better by someone else. It’s also possible that there are times when we need a constant source of motivation. When we write down something that is powerful and valuable to us, we can go to it repeatedly for a motivational boost. Thus, other people’s words are helpful to us because they are meaningful to us.

In addition to all this, somebody else’s words may give us a different view on a challenge that we are facing. This alternative way of thinking may be just the thing we are looking for or the very thing we need. Other people’s words have much to teach us about our own lives but also about other ways that we could be living our lives.

Remember there is nothing like words in black and white to help you see where you are and where you are going.

Sheryl A. Keen
Author “Journal According to John.”

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