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Journaling about Decisions

Sometimes we have decisions to make. They can be tough ones at times and not so tough ones at other times. Whatever they are, they can be sorted out by looking at the pros and cons.

In a journal, these pros and cons can be written down and analyzed. It’s like a dissection of varying ideas. The act of writing them down and thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of each can also bring about clarity and hopefully the best decisions.

Putting your thoughts about a decision on paper and taking it from your mind changes the way you see things. In the mind, the way we make decisions can be subjective. Written down on paper, we can distance ourselves from the words and look objectively at the decisions we need to make.

In this way journaling takes us closer to ourselves while simultaneously taking us away from ourselves to give us a bird’s eye view into our own thoughts.

Remember there is nothing like words in black and white to help you see where you are and where you are going.

Sheryl Keen
Author “Journal According to John.”

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Journaling About A Favourite Month

We all have favourite seasons. For many people the most popular season is summer. The sun brings about a feeling of warmth, literally and figuratively, and brings with it the thought of sea, sandals and skin. But what about a favourite month? We all have those too.

One of my favourite months is October. The trees and the ground are usually filled with colourful leaves that remind me of a vibrant artist palette. There is also a sense of expectancy in the air because the leaves are shedding themselves from the trees. This calls to mind a certain kind of death, not only of leaves, but also of autumn. It says that winter is around the corner. This is worth writing down because the duality is so stark – the simultaneous sense of beauty and the sense of death. Many times life is like this, filled with dualities.

So what is your favourite month? What is it about this month that gets to you? It could be April/May because it’s time to plant and you get to watch things grow, it could be a month in winter where you get to ski or partake in other winter sport, or it could be a month in summer where you get to go hiking and camping. Whatever the month and for whatever reason, this is something that you can journal about. These seemingly mundane pieces of information give us opportunities to learn more about ourselves. What we like and why we like them can be a window through which we look at the choices we make and help us to make more informed choices.

Go ahead, write about your favourite month.

Remember there is nothing like words in black and white to help you see where you are and where you are going.

Sheryl Keen
Author “Journal According to John.”

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Journaling About Positive People

People have an impact on our lives everyday. This is true for the workplace, for our personal and family life or even in a casual place like the supermarket. These interactive experiences can be positive, negative or they can bring about a feeling of indifference. Of course indifference is not really a feeling and who wants to have negative interactions? This leaves us with the people who have had a positive impact on our lives. Journaling about these people can be a good thing.

We can explore and outline some of the reasons why these people have had such a constructive and affirmative influence on us. When we write down these reasons we can see what really spur us on. In addition, we see clearly the kinds of persons we need to surround ourselves with. We can now seek these people out, connect with them and have them in our social circles. Their positive influence will rub off on us and hopefully the saying that “birds of a feather flock together” will be true to us.

Journaling about people who have influenced us in a positive way should also cause us to be grateful that the universe has seen it fit to have brought these people into our lives. At times we are surrounded by many negatives, so much so that these positive people are like shining rays in a dim place. We should let these people know that they have influenced us in a good way and have made us optimistic. Making our gratitude known to them will make them feel like they have done something meaningful. For us, the telling of our gratefulness will be like a boomerang that comes back to us in the form of many more blessings.

So think about it. Who are we grateful to for their positive influence? What did they do? Let’s tell them about it. And let’s surround ourselves with more of those kinds of people.

Remember there is nothing like words in black and white to help you see where you are and where you are going.

Sheryl Keen
Author “Journal According to John.”

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Journaling Our Vacations

We all look forward to our vacations every year. Some of us are lucky to have multiple vacations in the same year. This is the time when we let go of work, stress and other anxieties and hopefully have lots of fun. It’s also the time when we can reconnect our minds, body and spirit.

Our vacation time presents a good opportunity to write down our experiences. This is usually a happy, adventurous time and these memories are great to put on paper. We are usually in a different country and so we have different experiences from the ones we have in our day to day lives. The people around us are different; the sights, sounds and smells are different and the culture might be different. How do we feel about the differences and is there anything in our reactions to these differences that tell us anything about ourselves?

Since it’s a happy and adventurous time, writing down our experiences will give us blissful memories to look back on with fondness. We can also chronicle the reconnect of the body, mind and spirit. Like spring, vacation is a time of rejuvenation. Maybe the difference in the new culture is helpful in this. Maybe it’s a slower, more relaxed environment.

Whatever it is, journaling about the reconnect is good. When we get back to the ups and downs of our daily lives, we may need to reflect on these entries to remember a time when we could just breathe. Maybe the entries themselves will help us to just breathe if only for a minute.

Remember there is nothing like words in black and white to help you see where you are and where you are going.

Sheryl A. Keen
Author “Journal According to John.”

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