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A journal can be used for brainstorming especially if you are in a creative area and you are having writer’s block or lack inspiration. If you are an artist or a writer feel free to let your ideas flow in a journal. You can come up with a thousand ideas and then reject or choose to use the ideas that work best for you. We have all brainstormed in a group where some of our ideas have been discarded even though we thought they were great ones. Brainstorming in your own journal means that you have autonomy over your own ideas.


As an artist you may want to map out and write down the colors that you will be using on your next work of art. Also, if your journal is big enough, you can make sketches and compositions of your next masterpiece. You can also use this process to revive a project that you have abandoned for whatever reason. The ideas that you come up with can inject new life into your project.


Even if you are not in a creative area, you can still use a journal to brainstorm. You may be attending a meeting where ideas will be discussed or you may be a part of a group working on a particular project. You can stay ahead of the game by brainstorming in your own journal so that when you meet as a group, you already have a wealth of ideas to share. Also, you would have given thought to the pros and cons of these ideas, using your strongest ones to make valid points.


In the end you will compare and contrast the new ideas, analyze them and choose to use or lose some of them.


Remember there is nothing like words in black and white to help you see where you are and where you are going.


Sheryl Keen

Author “Journal According to John.”




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